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“Heritage Panels” Give Diverse Students Outlet for Expression

By Christina Jiminez

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – When students graduate from high school, they’ve been educated in history, English, math and science. But unfortunately for some, bullying and racism are included. The YWCA,Young Women’s Christian Association, works to help affected students through a program known as the Heritage Panel.

Heritage Panel is an inclusive group of high school students that encourage their peers to make school a more welcoming place to be. Their main focus is to eliminate racism, promote peace and empower women. The panel discusses important and ignored issues that may affect their schools. The Americorps members facilitated the Heritage Panel. Americorps is a non profitable civil society program that is supported by the federal government. Continue reading “Heritage Panels” Give Diverse Students Outlet for Expression


Political Profiles in the Community on Donald Trump

By Christina Jimenez

He might be the most controversial President in the history of the White House. Not even 200 days in his first term, President Donald Trump’s decisions in office have changed people’s lives.

One of his first executive orders, Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States, suspended the entry of immigrants from seven Muslim countries: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.

A federal appeals court blocked President Trump’s ban on six of the seven Muslim-majority countries targeted in the order. President Trump plans to appeal to the Supreme Court to enforce the policy on all seven nations. When Trump first proposed the ban in January it created an uproar and uncertainty. Continue reading Political Profiles in the Community on Donald Trump